IgGenix Publishes New Data Supporting Further Development of Allergen-Specific Therapeutics for the Treatment of Peanut Allergy

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – November 14, 2023 – IgGenix, Inc., a preclinical antibody discovery and development company taking a revolutionary approach to directly address allergic disease, published new data as part of an international collaboration on the role of human monoclonal IgE antibodies in peanut allergy. These antibodies and the results from the cutting-edge research provide a foundation for the development of allergy-specific therapeutics. The paper, entitled “Widespread monoclonal IgE antibody convergence to an immunodominant, proanaphylactic Ara h 2 epitope in peanut allergy,” was published online in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology on September 22, 2023.

The publication found that in peanut allergy, our immune systems produce specific antibodies, termed IgE antibodies, which show a consistent pattern or ‘convergent evolution’ across different individuals. These antibodies bind to a major peanut allergen, known as Ara h 2, and more specifically, to a repetitive pattern, or epitope, found within the allergen. The publication then demonstrated that these IgE antibodies can, on their own, trigger severe allergic reactions in sensitized mice challenged with peanut. More strikingly, the team found that when these antibodies were re-engineered from IgE to another class of antibody known as IgG4, they were able to reduce or block the degranulation of cells that cause the symptoms of allergic reactions. This insight paves the way for developing novel and effective therapeutics for peanut and other allergies.

“Our discovery process begins with human blood samples from peanut-allergic individuals across various demographics. Despite this diversity, the data revealed there is IgE antibody convergence towards a key epitope on the Ara h 2 peanut-specific allergen. The molecular insight provided by our SEQ SIFTER™ platform allows us to re-engineer disease-causing antibodies into promising therapeutics,” said Derek Croote, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of IgGenix and lead author of the publication. “Adults and children who experience severe peanut allergy deserve a safe, fast-acting and effective allergen-specific treatment option, which we are excited to be pioneering at IgGenix.”

Peanut allergy is an increasingly common concern, affecting an estimated 2% of children and 1.8% of adults in the United States. Allergic reactions can range from coughing, sneezing and rashes to more severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing, low blood pressure and even death if not immediately treated. There remains a vast unmet need for new, innovative treatment options for peanut and other allergic diseases. IgGenix’s lead candidate in peanut allergy is set to enter Phase 1 human clinical trials in 2024.

Additional insights from the publication can be found here.

About IgGenix

IgGenix is a privately held antibody discovery and development company taking a revolutionary approach to directly address severe allergies. Through our proprietary SEQ SIFTER™ discovery platform, developed from foundational research of co-founders Stephen Quake, Kari Nadeau, and Derek Croote of Stanford University, we isolate and re-engineer fully human, high-affinity, allergen-specific antibodies designed to block and prevent the allergic cascade. By targeting common immunodominant allergens and their most important epitopes across the patient population, we intend to treat allergic pediatric and adult patients alike across severe food and environmental allergies. This novel approach may prevent life-threatening allergic reactions, saving lives and reducing the constant fear that affects millions of people living with severe allergies.


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