IgGenix Congratulates Co-Founder Kari Nadeau, M.D., Ph.D., on Publication of Landmark Food Allergy Book

‘End of Food Allergy’ Published Today by Penguin Random House

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.September 29, 2020 – IgGenix, Inc, today congratulated co-founder Kari Nadeau, M.D., Ph.D., and her co-author, Sloan Barnett, on the publication of their book ‘The End of Food Allergy’, a seminal work detailing the prevention, diagnosis and reversal of food allergies, with insight into the future of allergy treatment and therapies. Food allergy is a costly and potentially life-threatening condition that, according to the Food Allergy Research and Education, affects about 32 million people in the United States alone.

“The prevalence of food allergies continues to rise,” said Dr. Nadeau. “We now have viable pathways forward for the millions suffering from food allergy. Having spent my career working with patients of all ages, researching every available option and theory. It’s an honor to share that experience, research and information with the broader community as they navigate the journey of food allergy. In addition, I believe it is critical that we pursue new therapeutic options like antibody-based therapies, including those in development at IgGenix, that may offer important alternatives as the future of allergy treatment.”

“Kari’s deep expertise and thought leadership in the field of food allergies is clearly displayed in the book,” said Mr. Hironaka, CEO of IgGenix. “We congratulate both Kari and Sloan on their ability to communicate the range of emotions and true terror most people living with food allergy, and particularly parents of children with severe food allergy, experience on a daily basis. While this can be exceptionally overwhelming, Kari and Sloan’s book provides hope for today, that there are viable steps to take in order to engage in life without fear, as well as hope for tomorrow that the increasing therapeutic development efforts will provide even better options for the future.”

About ‘The End of Food Allergy’

Physician, researcher, and global food allergies expert Dr. Kari Nadeau joins lawyer and bestselling author Sloan Barnett to explore this powerful program for preventing, treating, and reversing food allergies, whether you are suffering from their burden or parenting a child who is. With their groundbreaking work, Kari and Sloan will empower you to overcome the physical and mental toll of allergies. Filled with enthralling science and cutting-edge research, an actionable treatment plan, and practical diet tips, The End of Food Allergy is your authoritative source to conclude a 21st-century epidemic. To purchase the book, visit

About IgGenix

IgGenix is a privately-held biotechnology company taking a revolutionary approach to directly address food and other severe allergies by re-engineering key antibodies involved in the allergic cascade. IgGenix isolates and transforms allergen-specific IgE antibodies into IgG antibodies that are designed to alleviate and possibly prevent the allergic cascade. Through this completely novel approach to treating allergic disease, these treatments may be able to effectively block and even prevent life-threatening allergic reactions, while at the same time elucidating the role of the allergens themselves. IgGenix seeks to change the face of allergic disease, empowering people to live life without the constant fear of a life-threatening allergic reaction. For more information, visit


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